Relief Operation: No.2 (October, 2015)

News: New Route Discovered!
September 17, 2015
Tharpu Chuli Tent Peak (October)
January 21, 2016

This pamphlet is an earthquake emergency procedures guidebook designed for Nepalis living in Japan.

To give these to Nepalis living in Japan free of charge, Nepal Japan Research Center translated Be Confident about Earthquake written by Japan’s Fire and Disaster Management Agency.

Satish wanted to teach Nepalis who have no experience with earthquakes what to do when earthquakes strike, and how we can prepare for them. Because this pamphlet is in Nepali, he decided to make copies and hand them out with an approval from the provider.

During the last earthquake in reality, people were screaming with fear and crying out of panic. So many dangerous reactions by the people stood out too, like people trying to run outside even though the tremor was still continuing. Because of that, he wants everyone to read this pamphlet, become informed, and to use this knowledge to benefit themselves.

The pictures below are from the time when he donated study desks to children living far in the villages.

They’re simple desks and chairs, but because the children have never had them, they were thrilled!!