Tharpu Chuli Tent Peak (October)

Relief Operation: No.2 (October, 2015)
September 17, 2015
Nireka Peak Summit Success!!
January 21, 2016

This was the first tour after the earthquake.

The six clients were all friends filled with never-ending jokes and laughter as former mountaineering club members. It brought smile to my face, even touching to see their long lasting friendship.

We asked for their comments concerning this tour. I’ll post them here:

*Tharpu Chuli Tent Peak Tour Feedback *

Mr. Kouji Chujou

I was worried about the post-earthquake condition. But, because our tour was on the West side, not on the East side where the earthquake affected, we were able to go trekking with no problem. This was my first time using Nireka Adventures. The team staff’s good service made a big impression on me. I usually get diarrhea, but because of the good food and proper hygiene that they provided, I was able to come back without getting sick at all. By interacting with staff and the Nepali people, I feel confident that the Nepalis can bounce back from the damages of the earthquake! They can do it!

Mrs. Masako Chujou

The Nireka staff were cheerful, and the tour members were friendly and happy. It was very good. One time, I got sick from the medicine that I had brought. But it was heartening, because Satish who had climbed ahead and staff from Kathmandu personally called me to check up on me. I was tremendously impressed by the support from the staff. One more thing, shed’s toilet had become so clean. I was pleasantly surprised! Those are the things that women are concerned about, so I was happy.